Monday, October 3, 2011

Salamanders, Frogs, And Critters ~ Blogtoberfest Day 3

Friends and family who know me, know that I am afraid of any kind of critter that I can't step on or smash with a fly swatter.  Bugs and spiders don't bother me so much but really I prefer they stay outside where they belong.  If there is a mouse in the house, I'm the one on a chair doing a little dance trying not to be hysterical.

When we lived in Hawaii, the geckos ruled the house, and I was always the one to see them.  I would just freak out and totally lose it.  When Michael was away, the neighbors would come over and do a gecko check for me.  I was so glad when we moved from there!  So imagine my surprise when last summer, I spotted a salamander running across the patio.  I could have died!!  I've lived in Maryland for twenty years and never knew they lived here too.

We also have lots of little green tree frogs.  Until this summer, I never saw one during the day.  They always come out at night and hang out on the kitchen window.  That's fine, because there is glass between the two of us.  Only once did I see one during the day hanging out on the patio.

A couple of weeks ago I got in the car to run errands and as the garage door was closing, a salamander went running into the garage.  I had a minor melt down.  Then I decided I would just start going in and out through the back door.  That was working fine until the day one of the little green frogs decided to come inside with me.  When I realized what happened, I had a major melt down!  I was frozen in place and we stared at each other for a minute til he jumped and I screamed!  I couldn't move but I could reach the phone and I called Michael at work!  He came to my rescue within ten minutes.  Now I keep thinking I'm seeing things out of the corner of my eye!

Did you notice there are no photos today?  That's because I was looking at photos to use and it just creeped me out too much to pick one out!  Yeah, that's how much these critters frighten me!

And in case you're wondering, yes we have the slithering critters too.  We just don't mention the "s" word in our house!

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. I don't mind critters. When we were on vacation in FL I thought it was great to be able to sit sipping my morning coffee on the terrace and watch the tree snakes hunting lizards in the landscaping.

  2. Lol...I'm not really afraid of critters. I used to be of bees, but I've gotten over that...though I'm with you on wanting them to stay outside where they belong!! :-)

  3. Haha, too funny! I don't mind frogs and salamanders as much as I mind spiders and cockroaches - yuck!!

  4. I'm not bothered too much by small creatures such as mice, frogs, lizards but I certainly understand the fright that others share about them. They are fast little critters which is intimidating. I must confess I prefer that they stay outside, when they come inside my home I evict them immediately, providing I or John can catch them. :D Snakes are the exception, I've never been bitten by a snake and I want to keep it that way.

  5. If it's slimy or cold-blooded, I'm terrorized by it! I wouldn't kill them, however. I just can't handle the thought of them...

    Once, a big, transparent salamander decided to live in my porch. It would come out at night and hang out in the ceiling, upside down.

    I gambled with my sanity every time I had to unlock my front door: it made me stand right under its spot...

  6. Oh Annette, I get it, anything that can run faster than me (so pretty much anything on the planet right now) freaks me out.

    I guess I am ok with spiders (except hanging from the bedroom ceiling in the middle of the night :( and the usual suspects but anything bigger that moves into my house and refuses to pay rent has to be terminated, survival of the fittest, I think Darwin said but it is usually suvival of the one with the biggest broom (He! He!)

    Have a lovely evening, T. :)

  7. Great post - you had me laughing out loud! Not AT you, of course! I don't mind the reptiles but I don't appreciate being "startled" by them.


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