Monday, June 28, 2010

Mish Mash Monday

Can you believe it's the end of June already?  Only 6 more months til Christmas!!!!  Not that I'm ready for it by any stretch of the imagination, but if I plan to sell holiday items on Etsy, I need to get busy making them!  This lavender sachet is my most recent creation.  I just need to get it listed in the shop.

I've been baking cookies again!  This time butter pecan cake cookies.  They are heavenly!

I was making an asian coleslaw that called for napa cabbage.  I cut the end off the cabbage and was wowed by the beautiful rose like design.  I know you're thinking the heat has finally got to me, but really, look how pretty this is!  I've used the cabbage many times before but never paid attention to the detail I guess.

I found this guy in the yard the other day.  He's a yearly visitor.  I don't know, maybe he's a she!

I went rummaging through my stash and came up with this fabric combination to try something new.  I might need to hit the thrift store or antique shop to find some hankies or doilies for embellishment.  You'll never guess what it's going to be!  But go ahead, try....

That's all I've been up to lately.  What about you?  Have you started any new projects or better yet finished any?  Whatever you're up to, I hope you are enjoying it!!!

                                 ~ Annette


  1. Aww, how neat to find a turtle in your yard! Those cookies look delicious, too.

  2. Oh my - the cabbage IS gorgeous - ironically it matches your fabrics which are really lovely together . So what are you up to ???

  3. I love the sachet - so feminine looking. I guess there's a reason why cabbage roses are called cabbage roses. Isn't nature beautiful?

    I think it's going to be an apron - a very feminine, frilly apron.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. So many things to love in this post! Cookies ... yum! Beautiful cabbage! And what an adorable visitor to your yard! Happy Monday!

  5. I LOVE your sachet. SO pretty and feminine. I also love your new little friend. Don't you know, all turtles are boys? At least, that's how it is in my world anyway :)

  6. Wow! I thought that cabbage was a ribbon rose! So cool! Love the fabric combo. Can't wait to see what it will be.

  7. Love the cabbage! I keep meaning to plant some, but always forget in spring :(
    Those cookies look really yummy! Need to bake some cookies too - oh dear, just not going to get everything done again.

  8. I love your new Banner :)

    What a fun blog post, Annette. I love all the fun colours, I am guessing too that you are planning to make aprons :)

    Love your visitor. I love it when they come to visit every year.

    Have a wonderful evening, T. :)

  9. Nope, it's not going to be an apron!!!

  10. oh yum, pass me a cookie please!


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