Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Very First Apron

After about two years of thinking about it, dreaming about it, convincing myself I couldn't do it, convincing myself I could do it, devouring books and magazines about it, drooling over Janet's, planning and shopping for it....I finally made my first apron!  I really and truly did it.  Me.  All by myself.  With no pattern.  Just an idea in my head and a desire to see it come to life.

It is a mix of old and new.  A vintage embroidered table scarf, vintage buttons, new fabric, and a table scarf with battenburg lace I found in a drawer.  I must have used it at some point but I sure don't remember. 

It's not perfect and it's not exactly what I had pictured, but that doesn't matter.  What matters is I finally did it.  What matters is that I'm happy with it and will put it in my Etsy shop.  What matters is that I didn't let my fear of failure stop me this time. 

What have you recently accomplished that you're proud of?


  1. That's beautiful!!! Makes me wish I wore aprons :)
    Lovely colors!!

  2. WOWEE! What a gorgeous piece of work. It is so classic and the embellishment is just stunning. Anyone would be lucky to own it.

    I love making aprons. I made a bunch last year, but then kinda got aproned out :) Mine were a lot simpler, but maybe it's high time I made one again!

  3. HOLY COW!!! This turned out so beautifully! Way to go :)

  4. You ask what I have accomplished?? If inspiring you can be considered an accomplishment...then I am very happy. Your creation is beautiful and I hope you will continue to be fearless in cutting up those salvaged vintage linens :-) They are not destroyed...just reborn!
    your friend,

  5. Thank you all so much!

    Janet, you have no idea how inspiring you have been!! :)

  6. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET !!!! YEAH - I am so Happy - I know this has been floating around in there for quite a while . It came out great : D

  7. This is so lovely.
    I've made my own first lino print yesterday!!
    Was very proud but also.... tired. I made a pretty big one and it was such a hard physical work.... but pure joy!!

  8. Annette, that is just so pretty :)

    I can feel your joy right here on the West coast.

    Way to go girl :) T.

  9. I LOVE it,,and what a wonderful job...I knew you could do onto another one???

  10. It is beautiful! You did a great job!!!!!! You are very creative!


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