Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Most Embarrassing Moment

When my husband was in the army, he was in uniform more often than not.  It wasn't unusual for us to run a quick errand together or meet for lunch.  On this particular day, we went to the local Stars and Stripes book store.  As we walked in, I spotted a friend and went over to talk to her and Michael went on into the store to look around.  After finishing up my conversation, I went looking for Michael and when I spotted him I walked up behind him and pinched his butt!  Imagine my surprise when he turned around and it wasn't Michael!  Oh. My. Gosh.  I turned every shade of red imaginable and I just wanted to die!  I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.  I stuttered and stammered my apology to this stranger and he laughed and said, "Don't worry about it.  It happens all the time"!  Could it get any worse?

Michael, along with everyone else in this tiny little store, heard the commotion and he came looking for me.  I told him what happened and he was just dying laughing!  I told him I was sorry but everyone looks the same in uniform.  He got very serious and just looked at me and said, "but I'm not in uniform"!  WHAT???  No, no he wasn't!!!  I just died all over again! 

So, you know I have to ask...What was your most embarrassing moment?



  1. You just SO cracked me up!!! I'll have to think a bit to try and top that but oh.my.gosh. thanks for the laugh!

  2. Just one ? It's so hard to narrow them down like that. Most recent though, was yesterday when a lady ran up to me in a casino to whisper I had T.P. hanging out the back of my pants! Yep! I'd strolled most of the way through the crowded casino with a piece of paper dangling over the waistband behind me!! You'd have thought my husband would have noticed!! Once, about 25 years ago, I strolled across an entire dance floor with the back of my dress tucked in my panty hose! I wish they had full-length mirrors in restrooms these days!

  3. OMG..........You crack me up so much!! You know I am not brave enough to admit to any embarassing moments :)

    I leave that to my kids......Mom, remember when.........(He! He!)

    Have a great Tuesday :) T.

  4. This story totally made my day... thanks for sharing ;)

  5. Buwahahahaha !!! PRICELESS !!! I have made an ass of myself so many times I've lost count. Actually the kids usually do it for me.

  6. You cheeky monkey! Sure, it was a "mistake" :) I know I would have died of embarrassment too. I don't know, my embarrassing moments are almost too many to count. I do remember one time when my hubby was in the Air Force and we were shopping at the Commissary on payday, which you KNOW is the busiest days of the month. Anyway, I slipped on black ice (it was in North Dakota) and fell on my face right in front of the entrance and EVERYONE saw me. It was a small base, so at least one or two people recognized me. UGH!

  7. My most embarassing moment was when I walked into Walgreens and as I was going into the cosmetic isle, I hit one of the shelves (with my huge purse) and knocked everything down! It was such a mess...nail polishes and lip sticks were scattered all over the floor! I offered to help pick everything up, but they told me not to worry about it! Since then I have tried to carry much smaller purses! lol :)

  8. That is too funny! I can't remember what I did last week - never mind any embarrassing moments, sorry :)
    Thanks so much for the comments on my blog!


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