Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Grandma Duty

How could I resist when Erin called me and asked if I could come spend a couple of days because she needed a babysitter?  Well, I couldn't, so I packed my bags and headed to northern Maryland over the weekend.   I was supposed to go home today, but it turns out I'm needed tomorrow too!

I always look forward to seeing Shylee and this time was no exception.  She is a sweetheart most of the time.  I have to tell you, she has been a real challenge this visit.  Temper tantrums, back talking, telling me 'no' when I tell her to do something, arguing, and all around unpleasant to be around.  I have been relieved to leave her and retreat to my hotel room each evening!  That's the advantage of being the Grandma!

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

xo Annette xo


  1. Those pics of Shylee are so cute!!
    I guess she is testing how far she can go with you ;-)
    take care,

  2. Giving Grandma a run for her money!! ;-) I love her curls!

    I was pretty lucky with my kids, they weren't tantrum throwers very often at all. That's one thing that gets under my skin, so it's probably a good thing they weren't!

    Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  3. she's adorable!! I know just what you mean about being a grandma...love 'em unconditionally, but relief to go away for peace and quiet. Yep, yep.

    My grandsons are 17 and 23!!! The teen is a handful. LOL [I can honestly say, I'm glad my child -and teen- rearing days are over.

    Again, Shylee is sweet...those brown eyes are gonna melt some guy's heart someday all too soon.

  4. Shylee is getting to be such a pretty little girl - before she was an adorably pretty little toddler. My don't they grow up quickly ? Too quickly !

    Looks like she is testing her power of your limitations. Yes the greatest thing about being a grandparent is that we don't have to endure all the grandchildren's bad days, 24 hours a day every day, all year long. We can just give them a hug and a kiss and hand them back to dear mommy and daddy. :D

  5. Just wait til she's 14...lol :)
    She's such a cutie, I bet it's hard to be annoyed for too long!

  6. There is a reason young people are the ones who have children!! My little grand can wear us both to a frazzle in 2 hours.

  7. She is growing up before our eyes, gorgeous shots :)

    Sounds to me like a teenager,
    LOL!!! :)

    Don't we "test" the ones we love :)

    Hope you had a restful time at the hotel :)

    Have a lovely evening, cheers, T. :)


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