Friday, January 18, 2013

Working On Those Weighty Issues

This was my first week on the plan and it wasn't so good.  I was going to work on three different things I wanted to change.

1.  Eating breakfast or at least a piece of fruit or a serving of yogurt.  Something is better than nothing.
2.  Drinking more water and less diet Coke. 
3.  Cut back on sweets. 

It was a hectic week with traveling in and out of town which meant eating out for several meals and grabbing food (usually junk food) on the go.  When I was at home I was too tired to even think about cooking or eating right.  Have you ever had one of those weeks?  

Instead of telling you everything I did wrong, I'll tell you what I did right.  I ate breakfast every morning.  Nothing major mind you, but a granola bar or a yogurt and I could tell a difference in how I felt throughout the day.  I still had something sweet everyday but only once or twice a day.  I really was being mindful of that.  And I did drink water...occasionally.  So while I didn't have a good result on the scale, I did have success. I knew I was starting off at a bad time, but is there really ever a good time?  

Eating out is a real challenge for me.  I know you can go to a restaurant and most menus have healthy options.  You can ask for your food to be prepared without fat, or have the sauces and dressings on the side,  and get something grilled not fried.  I know you can plan ahead by checking out the nutrition content online for most restaurants so you can make a healthy decision about your meal.   But here's the deal.  When I go out to eat, I don't want the same kind of food I fix at home.  I want the creamy crab dip, bbq ribs, loaded baked potato and chocolate lava cake kind of meal!  And giving in to that is one of the many reasons I am where I am today.  I will do better!

This coming week shouldn't involve traveling, but I will have my granddaughter for a few days which involves completely different challenges!  

TGIF y'all!!
xo Annette xo


  1. Sounds like you've made a great start with some healthy changes. I'm the same way when I eat out...I want yummy foods that I can't get at home :)
    For sweets, I keep single serving items like Hershey's Kisses or PB Cups on hand and just eat one when I need a sweet treat :)

  2. Those are great tips. I think it's important to start with small things like that so you don't go cold turkey on everything you're used to eating!

    I'm a snacker, so I've started buying more nuts and fruit instead of chips. It helps me stay fuller longer, too.

  3. I understand the eating out dilemma. It's difficult for me to stay on track when dining out, too. Fortunately, it's a rare occurrence. Remember, progress not perfection. And you made progress!

  4. It is hard when you eat out. I'm usually pretty good about ordering the "healthy" options, but if I'm really craving a burger and fries, I'll either try and share the meal with who ever I'm eating out with. My hubby and I often do that, and we both feel so much better about the portion size, yet we got to have a little treat.

    If sharing is not possible then I halve the meal as soon as it comes to the table and put the other half in a take out box.

    Good for you for eating something for breakfast!

    Just remember little steps all add up to progress!! :-)

  5. You don't have to make a whole bunch of changes all at once. Just eating breakfast everyday is a great step. Next week you try something else. Celebrate your success and each time you achieve something else it will get a little easier.
    Everyday Inspired

  6. It is really good that you are giving yourself props for the steps you have taken and being mindful of those :)

    It will take time but you are being aware and that is a great start :)

    Thanks so much for your sweet words, I truly appreciate them.

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T.:)

  7. When traveling it is a challenge to stick to one's game plan. But I applaud you for managing to stick to some of it, especially when it would be all too easy to cave in and scrap the whole program (or at least scrap it for the duration of the trip).
    Glad to hear you are taking it in small,doable steps . . . people (me in particular) tend to want instant gratification and attempt to tackle the whole pack of gorillas in one fell swoop, instead of one gorilla at a time. :D

  8. LOL...great minds think alike, Annette! I have that book as well, I must dig it out...perhaps it's more helpful than the online class I took, which was not particularly. And then I've been unable to find the 3" squares, so I've just been using a sketchbook resized to 3".
    Must give it another try. Yours are beautiful!


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