Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Ice outside on the grill

Happy Wednesday!

xo Annette xo

14.  a toasty warm home
15.  soup in the crockpot
16.  sunshine on a cold day


  1. Very pretty but Brrr!!

    It's actually chilly here this morn in So Cal too - no ice, but I did put leggings under my scrubs to keep warm! :)

    Hope you have a fab Wednesday!

  2. oh it is cold out there! we at about 10 degrees today ... feels like a heat wave compared to yesterday - ha!

  3. Once again you have captured something that most of us would have walked right by. Well done!

  4. Oh - such awesome photos!! Sorry it's so cold where you are. It was 38 this morning here in the desert of AZ, but it's warming up to about 68 this afternoon - so we can't complain. Try to stay warm!!

  5. Great photos! I am very grateful for my toasty warm house now, too.

  6. Great shots!
    It's a good thing snow and ice are so pretty...but why do they have to be so darn cold!

  7. These photos are gorgeous! They make the ice look really cool. Not like the ice we have to drive in or scrape of our cars! Stay warm. :)


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