Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Annie...Part One

Meet Annie. She is a beagle/lab mix and just over 2 years old. We adopted her when she was 9 weeks old but we didn't intend to get a puppy! We decided we wanted a dog so we went to Petco where a local rescue group has adoptions every Saturday. We wanted one that would get along with other dogs (Erin's dog Daisy comes with her to visit) and one that would get along with kids, because we were hoping for grandchildren down the road! We met some very nice dogs but not one that was a good fit for us. Then we saw them...a litter of nine puppies!

Who doesn't fall in love with baby animals? Especially when they nuzzle into your neck and give you kisses! We picked one out, filled out the application, had our home inspected, was interviewed and then told where we could pick her up. Life has not been the same since!

Recently, I began to notice just what a dog's life is about. I've learned some lessons from Annie that I should have learned a long time ago! Here they are.

1. Napping off and on all day can be a very good thing. Annie does this every day and as tempting as it is, it's not practical for me. However, God did intend for us to rest one day a week and when I actually do this and get caught up on my rest, life is much better.

2. I should show my excitement to Michael when he comes home. Any dog owner knows that your dog is ALWAYS happy to see you when you've been out. No matter what happened before you left! And we love that we are loved! Michael deserves that from me too.

3. Drive with the windows rolled down. Annie, and every other dog I know, loves this. It just feels good to have the fresh air blowing across your face. So what if your hair gets messed up! Pull it back in a pony tail or wear a scarf...just enjoy the moment.

4. Take time to play. Annie loves to play fetch and would spend hours doing so if only I would too! Life is too short to spend it all working at the job or around the house. You must make time for some fun too.

There are four more lessons I've learned from Annie and I'll tell you what they are in tomorrow's post!


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