Friday, August 21, 2009

I Didn't Give Up!

Every now and then a sewing project gets the better of me. If I have to rip out a seam more than once, I get really irritated. If I have to undo something else on the same project, I get mad. If something else goes wrong yet again on the same project, it ends up in the scrap heap! I really have no patience when it comes to fixing mistakes.

The dish towel dress I listed in the shop today almost landed in the scrap heap. It took 2 days to make it and it should have taken 2 hours! The first problem came even before the first stitch was even stitched! I cut out the pieces for the top, pressed them, turned them over to press the other side and there was an obvious defect in a prominent place. I had just enough fabric for another piece so at least I could still get started.

Next problem...wrong color thread. And it was too late to go to JoAnn's! It's really frustrating to be all geared up to work and then can't. The next day I got the thread I needed and finally got started.

Fitting the dish towel to the dress top can be a little tricky. The towel has to be pleated evenly, and tweaked a few times to make it fit before I actually sew it together. I just couldn't get it. I pleated and tweaked over and over, sewed it in and ripped it out twice. I tried gathering it instead and then sewed it in, broke the machine needle because I ran over a pin I didn't see in the gathers, and ripped it out because the stitching didn't catch on the back side of the top. I was SO ready to trash this thing. Instead, I decided to leave it for today.

Leaving it was the best idea. I was able to put it together without any problems and it turned out pretty good, I think. There were two reasons I didn't throw it in the scrap heap:
1. One of the points I made in the last post is that we shoud never give up! How could I quit when I just told the world not to?!
2. A friend was with me when I bought the fabric to match the towel and she couldn't wait to see it. She's been asking for months if I made it yet. I couldn't let her down!

I'm really glad this project is over! Hopefully the next one will be less trouble, but even if it's not, I won't give up!


  1. LOL I had to laugh! I made bibs for someone, only to find that I had cut them out wrong and Winnie the Pooh was standing on his head! I looked at it and looked and then I threw them down, because I made more than one! Thenn I decided when the baby/child looked down Winnie would be in the right direction and I gave them anyway!

  2. LOL that's too funny! I'll have to rember that next time I do the same thing!

  3. I too leave my projects when I just can't seem to get them right. It may be left a few hours or days... until I am ready to tackle it again. I come back with fresh eyes and determination to complete it. Very pretty towel so glad you finished it.

  4. Next time, why don't you gather the towel instead of pleating it. It would be a lot easier.


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