Friday, August 7, 2009

Shylee's To Blame!!

I haven't got anything done in the last 8 days that I had planned to do. No sewing, no blogging, no nothing! How could I with this little girl commanding an audience at all times? She is irresistible, fascinating, charming, funny, cute, loveable, entertaining and my only grandchild at the moment. I can sit and watch her for hours. Well, I actually did sit and watch her for hours which is why nothing else got done!

Erin came to finish my dining room that she's been working on for the last few months. It was my Christmas present. It involved removing 2 layers of wall paper, and many many coats of primer and paint...all of which is a post for another day! The point is I got to spend 8 days with Shylee and her mommy and I cherished every minute of it. They left about an hour ago to go back to Havre de Grace and the house is soooo quiet and empty.

Now that she's gone, I have no excuse for not locking myself in my sewing room and producing something to put in my shop! I might even have to make something just for her!

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  1. What a little sweetheart! I know what you mean about not getting anything done when the grandchildren are around. They sure are entertaining. You sure are doing beautiful work Annette and I'm excited that you finally sold your first piece. I'm sure it's the first of many to come. I couldn't figure out how to post this so I just did the anonymous thing.


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