Friday, August 14, 2009

Lavender Sachets

When I had a booth at the shop, I had wanted to make lavender sachets to sell but just never got around to it. I spent the last couple of days playing around with the vintage hankies I bought last month and I came up with four sachets. I think they turned out so pretty and feminine and they smell divine! In fact my sewing room now smells like lavender and I love it.

I think the one with the W is my favorite. The embroidery is perfect and the applique is so delicate that I automatically handle the sachet a little more carefully than the others. I had the most difficulty with the blue one. I lined it differently and didn't use stuffing like I did for the others. It's stuffed with lavender only. When I was hand sewing the opening closed, I dropped it three different times and lavender went everywhere. I didn't drop any of the other ones that wouldn't have spilled! I'm partial to the pink ones because pink is my favorite color. I love the one that looks like an envelope. The hankie part of that one was actually the corner of it's mate.

I have several more hankies to play with and many more ideas for sachets since I started. I'm also planning to make coasters with the hankies. Not sure how that's going to work but I'm anxious to give it a try. I'll be listing the sachets in my shop sometime this weekend after babysitting Shylee in Havre de Grace Saturday! Can't wait to see her!

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