Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It Was Going To Be A Bib

This was supposed to be a bib.  And it was supposed to say My First Halloween.  Everything was going along fine until the thread broke.  I rethreaded and started again and the thread broke again.  So I rethreaded again and the thread broke again.  I rethreaded one more time, hit the start button and watched the thread break yet again.  Only this time I saw that the hoop wasn't moving so I looked under it and saw the jam.  Not a pretty sight and not something that is easily fixed. 

I'm feeling pretty frustrated because I haven't made anything in 3 weeks.  The sachets I made yesterday didn't turn out either.  One of them started shredding at the seam when I turned it right side out and the other one was too small to even turn.  I was making them out of a vintage hankie and there isn't much of it left!  It was really pretty too.

Oh well!  Tomorrow is another day.  And I will make something I'm proud of!!


  1. 'Nette;
    I think you write pretty well and encourage you to write longer, more complex narratives that explore an idea or, perhaps, explain some realization that you've had.
    You have a lot to say and practice will only improve your writing.
    ...Love, MLB

  2. I've those days too: nothing seems to work! But like you said, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully threads won't break again :)


  3. I hate it when that happens. There was a time when it seemed like that would happen more often than not when I was sewing. Somehow I got the hang of that crappy machine, and to think, now I want a NEW ONE...

    I recently bought an industrial serger and I have spent so much time trying to make it work it is ridiculous.

  4. Yes Scarlett.. tomorrow is another day!

  5. You ar doing a great job by blogging. Ask me I almost hate to blog!
    I'm following your blog.


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