Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poor Annie

Doesn't she just look pitiful?  She has to wear this thing so she won't lick her bum!  This sounds gross...she has 2 impacted anal glands and after two weeks of antibiotics it wasn't healed.  The vet thinks it's because she keeps licking.  If it still doesn't heal, she'll need surgery.

I've never heard of this, but the vet said it's very common in dogs.  There's no way to treat it that works every time.  It also seems to happen most in the fall and spring so it might possibly be allergy related.  They just don't know.  Allergy treatments don't work though. 

I feel so bad for her.  She can't play fetch, chew on a bone or curl up to sleep.  We started taking it off when she goes out because she wouldn't (or couldn't) potty.  She goes back to the vet on Saturday and I sure hope it's better.  Surgery won't be fun for any of us!

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  1. My friend's dog would scoot around on its bottom when it had gland issues. She had to have them "expressed". So gross! :)


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