Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer Is Hanging On

Fall seems to be everyone's favorite season if you go by blog posts and overheard conversations.  I like fall but it isn't my favorite.  To me, fall is just the prelude to winter and I don't like winter.  If I had to rank the seasons in the order that I like them it would be:  spring, summer, fall, winter.

There are many things about fall that I like.  I can agree with everyone that the turning leaves are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. The reds and crimsons, golds and yellows, oranges and browns are warm and inviting.  Throw in the smells and tastes of pumpkin bread, apple pie, hot spiced cider, candy corn and burning leaves and I can't help but like fall!  But honestly, I dread the cold and deadness of winter!

As I worked in the yard today, I saw signs of summer hanging on.  In the spring I planted azalea bushes that bloom three times a year if given enough light and water.  There are still flowers on those bushes!

I still have black-eyed susans

and petunias

and liriope.

I'm hanging on to summer for as long as I can!

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  1. I actually LOVE all the seasons equally the same. When the season is "officially" over then i am usually ready to say okay "good bye summer" or "good bye winter i am ready for spring"


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