Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day Six: Mice

I don't like mice.  I'm scared of mice.  I know they're scared of me too and that they won't hurt me.  When I see one, I don't want my feet touching the floor.  I do a little dance on my tip toes singing oh, oh, oh, oh!  I don't even like pictures of one so there won't be one with this post today!

I was laying in bed this morning when I heard the strangest noise.  It was like a crinkly sound a plastic bag makes when you ball it up.  The sound was coming from the wall behind the bed.  The noise lasted a couple of seconds before it stopped.  I automatically think mouse when I hear particular kinds of noises.  It comes from years of dealing with them in every house we lived in.  A few minutes passed and I heard it again only this time it sounded like it was at the other end of the wall.  Annie heard it too.  She was laying in the hallway and got up and came in the bedroom fully alert and looking towards the sound.  Annie usually sleeps under the bed.  Why wasn't she there now?  It stopped and there was silence again.  Surely Annie will investigate.  No, she jumped in bed with me!

Yesterday, when I got out of bed, I spotted a jewelry box on the floor.  You know, the kind that a ring comes in with a hinged lid.  The white covering was all chewed up.  I picked it up and thought Annie must have found it under the bed and chewed on it.  Well, this morning I was thinking that Annie didn't have anything to do with that box...it had to be a mouse!

After hearing the noise twice more, I called Michael at work.  He has tons of experience dealing with me and mice!!  He came home (luckily, he works only 5 minutes away and he's a good husband) and put out two traps under our night stands.  He also said there was a paper bag on the floor against the wall that he couldn't reach.  Probably causing the the noise as a mouse ran back and forth across it!

So here I sit, in the kitchen, afraid to go upstairs (no sewing today since the sewing room is next to the bedroom) and thinking of all the mouse incidents I've encountered over the years.  I have a headache now!!

Are you afraid of mice?  Do you have any mouse stories?  I'd like to here them.  I need to know that I'm not alone in this!!


  1. I have to say, I don't have a ton of mice stories (thankfully!) Maybe Kelsie, my cat, has something to do with that! Regardless, in Moldova, there was a mouse under one of the girl's beds in my room. I have to tell you though, I was so disgusted and weirded out by the amount of bugs in our rooms, that the mouse actually affected me less!

  2. I once phoned my Mother in Australia to debrief about the mouse that was sitting in my larder. It was Sunday and CK was at work!


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