Friday, October 30, 2009

Family and Friday's Fabulous Finds

My mama and my sister, Carolyn, came for a vistit and left yesterday.  They were here for nine days and believe it or not I wasn't ready for them to leave!  We had a really great time and laughed and giggled a lot!
We went to Amish country in Lancaster, Pa which was the highlight of their trip.  Carolyn had not been there before and seeing it for the first time through her eyes was a delight.  The beauty of fall was breathtaking, the food was absolutely delicious, and the shops didn't disappoint!  In fact, I'll be making another trip there to do some Christmas shopping!

Friday's Fabulous Finds is dedicated to all things Amish.  The items I chose today remind me of the day we spent in Amish country.

Amish Diamond by Cairn Studio

Amish Straw Hat Notecard by Winsome Works

Amish Doll by Hazelrah

Prosperity Handpainted Hex Sign by Hex Kitten Designs

Amish Horse and Buggy Shelf Art by Adirondack Metal

I hope you're having a fabulous Friday!!


  1. Oh how fun! I would love to visit an Amish community. I love the horse and buggy wall art above too!

  2. I sometimes think I was Amish in another life, but then I think of the little half beards and no, there's no way I've ever thought that was attractive. Not in this or any other life. Still, I like their stuff.

  3. I am really glad you had a fun visit with your Mom and sister. Isn't it wonderful to have fun adventures with the ones you love :)

    I am off on a road trip to hang out with my daughter in San Fran, I am so excited, with my new camera in tow, who knows what I might find.

    Have a great weekend, regards, T. :)

  4. T,
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter and hope you get some amazing pictures with that new camera!

  5. Pretty finds, indeed!

    It makes me smile to read that you had a wonderful time with your mom and sister.

  6. wow! I've always wanted to visit the Amish Country. What a wonderful trip to take with your mom and sis!


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