Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Going Red and Being Thankful

A friend on Facebook suggested we start each day this month with "Today I'm thankful for....."    I really like this idea and I've decided to start each blog post with what I'm thankful for!  I think starting the day this way will help me focus on what is good and positive instead of the bad and negative.   Today I'm thankful for my family!  I love you all!

Thank you all for your input in the outline color of the letters on this apron.  I went with the red to add more color and oomph!  I also found red lip shaped buttons that I'll sew on the left side of the design since it's kind of off center!

I forgot to mention that this design is machine embroidered, but I'm doing the outline by hand.  I may have inadvertently made it sound like I did it by hand and I'm sorry if I have misled anyone. 

I'm getting closer to re-opening my Etsy shop and I'm so excited!


  1. Great Idea! Today, I am thankful that I am finally feeling better after having H1N1 all week =)

  2. It looks great so far! I have never tried machine embroidery... it looks very fancy!

  3. Hey! I like it :) Great job :)

  4. Wonderful way to start off each month (and I love your shop!)


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