Saturday, November 14, 2009

Me and Type 2 Diabetes: Part One

Today I am thankful for friends who uplift, encourage, are positive and accept me the way I am!

November is National Diabetes Month, so I thought I would share my story.  I found out that I had type 2 diabetes on October 21, 1997.  I was 39 years old.  I had a yeast infection that wouldn't go away with over the counter medication.  I was reading the label on the box and it said something along the lines of "if infection persists it may be a sign of diabetes".  I read that over and over and slowly began to realize just how many symptom of diabetes I had.

I had been very thirsty.  I couldn't get enough to drink.  I went to the bathroom about every 30 minutes.  I thought it was because I drank so much!  It turns out that a diabetic is thirsty because they pee so much!  I was extremely tired.  I felt like I couldn't get enough sleep.  I even took off work a week just to sleep.  It didn't help.  I almost couldn't function due to the fatigue.  I lost 10 pounds without even trying!  This was definitely not normal for me! 

I mulled all this over for about 2 hours and then called the doctor.  I told the nurse I had a yeast infection and she immediately wanted to call in a prescription for me.  I then told her I thought I might have diabetes and described the symptoms I was having.  She put me on hold, and then asked if I could come in that afternoon.

After taking my blood pressure, temperature, and asking a hundred questions, the nurse told me she was going to get a blood sample.  I thought she was going to "take" my blood, but that's not what she did.  She inserted a strip of what looked like shiny paper into the end of a handheld device.  With some kind of a needle she pricked my finger and held the device with the paper strip so that a drop of blood saturated the tip of the paper.  After a few seconds, she showed me a number that showed up on the device.  It was 425.

That number didn't mean anything to me so I asked the nurse what it meant.  She said my blood sugar was very high and that a normal reading would be between 70-100!  Next, she really took some blood and I waited for the doctor and the results of the blood test.  The name of the test was the A1C test.  Again, I didn't know what this meant so I waited.

The doctor came in and I had to tell her all over again my symptoms and why I thought I had diabetes.  She confirmed that I did.  The A1C tells you the average of your blood sugar levels over a 2-3 month period and mine showed that my average was 475, way over the 70-100 range! 

At that point I was bombarded with information packets, a referral to the dietician, a glucose meter, prescriptions and instructions!  I was overwhelmed to say the least and  more than a little scared!  Now it was time to go home and process all this information and come to terms with it.

In tomorrow's post, I'll tell you how I did that!


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