Sunday, November 29, 2009

Memory Makers

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  I love when my kids are here.  The house is filled with laughter and good times that make for great memories.  This weekend had it's share of memory makers!

Shylee had two 'firsts'.  I love having tea parties and I collect teapots and tea cups.  Erin and I were having a cup of tea and Shylee wanted a drink of the tea.  Erin gave her a drink and Shylee loved it!  This grandma was just thrilled that not only did she love the tea but her first try was from a tea cup and not a mug (which I use for just me most of the time)!

Hmmm....Shylee might get a tea set for Christmas!

Her other first was climbing the stairs!  She had made it up two steps when I found her and she was proud of herself and scared at the same time!  She could go up but couldn't come down!

Annie also made a memory this weekend.  She loves popcorn as much as I do.  Erin and I spent about four hours stringing popcorn to put on the Christmas tree.  It was 1:00 a.m. when we finally decided to go to bed and put the popcorn garland on the table.  We specifically made sure it was out of reach of Annie.  Imagine my surprise when I came down the stairs in the morning and found this....

I should have known something was wrong before I even came down the stairs.  She wouldn't come out from under the bed and when I finally coaxed her out, she wouldn't come down the stairs but laid down at the top and watched me go down!  She knew she was in trouble!  We decided the popcorn on the tree might not be such a good idea.  Never mind that I've done popcorn for most of the past 30 years!  I didn't do it the last two years because working retail this time of year doesn't leave time for such time consuming things!  We were doing good to have a tree up at all, so I was looking forward to my popcorn garland this year.  No, I'm not bitter....

What great memories did you make this Thanksgiving weekend?


  1. OHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO. Your new little tea lover is precious. The popcorn only looks half damaged. I bet if you put it on the tree people might not know it's half gone =)

  2. What a cutie!!! Love the popcorn trail :) I remember when my boys where that small, Christmas was so much fun. Ok - it's still fun, but it is different when they are 19 & 18 years old.

  3. Kim, I actually could have saved the garland but I think Annie would have pulled it off the tree while we were gone or sleeping!

    Audrey, my kids are 25 & 26. Annie is the dog I have to deal with now!! But you're's still fun!

  4. Those cheeks on that baby are just edible !!! She is too cute!!! As for the popcorn - LOL - I can see the whole tree hitting the deck too!

  5. LOL! I take it Annie is your dog :) I love when they know they're in trouble - makes our job easier some. I love baby firsts :) So sweet. My 3 year old loves to have real tea parties with me. You're training Shylee up right :)

  6. That popcorn trail is adorable! What a precious little cutie and a wonderful story!

  7. Awwwww.. she is too cute! Love the tea cup picture... and you juts have to smile at the popcorn picture too. :)

  8. Those lovely little doggies........I could see mine doing that, too!


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