Monday, April 12, 2010

Mish Mash Monday

Two weeks ago I received my CPAP (continuous postivie airway pressure) machine for treating my sleep apnea.  I used it the first week and did okay....I have mixed feelings about it.  Last week I didn't use it because I was so stopped up and was coughing a lot.  I'll probably write a full post on this in the near future, but for now this is what I have to wear every night so I don't stop breathing!!!
Really lovely, don't you think??  And before you, that's not me!  I maybe, might think about taking my picture for that future post!

Tomorrow night is the Bon Jovi concert I won't be going to...sniff, sniff.  I bought those tickets in November and was really looking forward to it.  My nephew and his wife will be taking mine and Erin's place with my sisters for a really fun night.  I think I'll put on all my CD's and at least have a Bon Jovi music marathon!


I will be listing these lavender sachets later today.

Janet over at The Empty Nest is alway cooking up something good and sharing her recipes.  Every Friday is Pieday and I made this wonderful sausage and potatoe quiche.
And this incredible Cauliflower and Broccoli Casserole.  I'm not able to link to this recipe but you can find it at The Empty Nest dated March 22, 2010.
Both were really, really good and even Shylee liked them!  We will definitely be having them again!  Thanks Janet!

My Etsy mini is being featured at DZ Fantasy for the month of April along with several other minis from Etsy!  Donna has the most fun and whimsical shop and blog!  You'll find the most delightful fantasy fiber sculptures of fairies, mermaids and jewelry!

Be sure to check out Donna's shop and blog!

Have a marvelous Monday!!!!


  1. Oh my I read this really quick and THOUGHT you said I received my CRAP !!!! Oops ...I am so sorry you are missing Bon Jovi : (...I will listen to him too in sympathy !!! Hope you are feeling better : ) Happy Monday !

  2. Nothing inspires romance like a CPAP! lol Too bad about the concert, maybe next time.

  3. I love the sachets!!! So feminine looking. AND the food looked great. Aren't Janet's recipes the best?


  4. Feel Better !! Why are you skipping the concert? JBJ Rocks

  5. Sorry you are missing the concert :( But play those CD's loud :)

    Yep, they keep threatening me with a CPAP but haven't had a sleep test yet and anyway, who wants to go to bed looking like Hannibal Lector (He! He!)

    Nice sachets :)

    Have a great day, T.

  6. mmm... the recipe look so yummy!
    the cpap machine looks very sci fi too... almost like a star wars costume! hey but if it works, awesome!

  7. So happy you gave my pies a thumbs up...;-) Yours look delicious ! I know you will love this Friday's pie recipe also. so sorry you missed your concert..;-(
    your friend,

  8. I was in such a hurry last night I forgot to add the mclinky to my post :(
    My hubby has a CPAP machine too!! I LOVE it! No more snoring and waking me up. He also doesn't stop breathing while sleeping either, seeing as how it's pushing air into his lungs. He has found that sometimes taking a Claritin before bed helps with the stuffiness.
    His looks quite different, it's a triangle shaped gel thing that fits over his nose, almost like an oxygen mask you would get at the hospital.
    Just keep using it - took hubby a couple of months till he could sleep comfortably with it - you won't be sorry!


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