Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Williamsburg Getaway

After planned trips to Arkansas and Savannah were cancelled, we finally were able to get away to Williamsburg, VA for a few days.  And what a difference a few days makes!  Erin and I were able to forget about the sadness and seriousness in our lives and have some fun!

We've done the sightseeing in the past, so this trip was all about shopping therapy!  We went to the outlets, the antique center, the shops at Merchants Square, a quilt shop, a linens shop, and of course the Yankee Candle Shop.

Now the Yankee Candle Shop is not your typical little candle store at the mall.  No...this place is like a little village of delightful shops just beckoning the visitor to come inside!  There is the candle store, a general store, a toy store, a stuffed animal store, a home and garden store and a Christmas Village, which is my favorite!

  There's a big clock that opens up and the animated characters tell a story about time.  If you look just below the clock, you will see how many days til Christmas!  And just below that is a train track with a train that weaves in and out of the shops.  Shylee loved all of this!

My favorite place is the Christmas village.  You walk in and it's dark with a twinkling sky and lighted trees everywhere!  The little shops inside are themed with every kind of ornament and decoration you can imagine!  There is the Dept 56 shop, Snowbabies shop, German Christmas, Country Christmas and so much more.  The very best thing is that it snows every 10 minutes!!!  This fascinated Shylee!!

My favorite was the German shop.  I loved our Christmases in Germany and this shop always brings back those great memories.

 I think this was Shylee's favorite place!  We wore her out!

I highly recommend visiting the Yankee Candle shop if you're ever in Williamsburg.  You don't even have to like candles to have a good time!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!


  1. Oh I want to go :)

    That looks like so much fun and Christmas all year round, my absolute fav. time of the year :)

    Shylee looks adorable and as the Princess, I bet she just loved that :)

    Glad you had a great break, :) T.

  2. It looks awesome ! I would love to walk thru those Christmas shops !!! Reminds me of Downtown Disney without the "Spitting Stitch" : ) . I am glad you got a little getaway .

  3. Oh, I'm so happy you are back and feeling better. Sounds like shopping therapy was just what you needed (at least for the minute). Welcome home!

  4. Oh. my. goodness.

    Could that little sweetheart be any cuter!

  5. I love Williamsburg! We went 4 years ago and had such a good time. Shylee is a sweetie!

  6. Beautiful photo's! Looks like you had a blast.
    The last photo is how I feel after shopping - ok - maybe not the thumb in the mouth part.

  7. The snowing indoors was my favorite part also. Did you visit Colonial Williamsburg...such a fabulous place!

  8. Oh it looks lovely,,,glad you had a good time,,you needed it,,hope now the healing process can start..and I will be praying fo your Dad and husband,,take care...


  9. Sweet :) What an awesome clock! How sweet Shylee looks sucking her thumb... awww!


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