Monday, October 22, 2012

This Adventure Called Blogging~Blogtoberfest 2012 Day 22

Dear Friends,
When I started this blog over three years ago, it was to promote the things I was making for my Etsy shop.  The shop wasn't opened yet, but the plan was to get my name and items "out there".

I didn't think I would like blogging.  I'm not a writer or ever wanted to be one, and I was computer illiterate. I just knew that me and blogging wouldn't get along.  No one was more surprised than I was at how quickly I grew to love everything about blogging.

I'm still not a writer, but I've developed a desire to learn how to make my writing more interesting and compelling.  Blogging has ignited the spark I've always had to learn photography.  I've met some incredibly inspiring and talented people that I count among my friends.  I hope to meet them in person some day.  I've found some delicious recipes and learned how to make numerous crafty things.  I've laughed and cried and reflected on life's ups and downs in ways I never had before.  

My life has changed greatly the last few years.  I've briefly touched on some of these changes in past blog posts.  Now that I no longer have an Etsy shop to promote, I'm going to focus more on these changes and the journey to getting where I want to be.  I will do my best to keep this blog on the positive side but I want to be real and honest even if it means each and every blog post isn't all sunshine and unicorns.  After all, life is sometimes dark and crappy.

Some of the topics I'll blog about include depression, loneliness  weight loss, diabetes, how I got to where I am and how I plan to move forward from here.  My hope is that this little blog of mine will be a way for me to vent, be honest with myself, share my ups and downs, and document the successes.  I also hope that by being honest, maybe others will find inspiration and encouragement along the way.

I will still share my sewing projects, grandma experiences, and all the usual stuff.  I don't want you to think I'm going to go all doom and gloom on you.  I hope you will join me on this journey I'm starting off on.  It will mean a lot to me.

xo Annette xo


  1. When I discovered blogging in 2008 I was hooked! Same as you I have met wonderful people across the globe, including you, through my blog. I get so much inspiration from looking at other people's crafts. It's an amazing and wonderful experience!

  2. I started my blog to promote my shop as well. And it's transformed into more of a journal about my work and life...I love it! And as you said, I've met some wonderful people along the way :)
    I love blogs that are open and honest...good times and bad.

  3. Good for you! I think we all start our blogs for one reason or another and then find along the way that maybe we have more to share then we originally planned.

    When I started mine, I intended it to be all about food and while I certainly still blog a lot about food, I've shared stories and family things that I didn't think I originally would.

    Those that have become my friends along the way are still there and I think that you will find the same. Honesty on a blog is never easy, but sometimes opening up about things brings others forward with ideas and inspiration.

    Looking forward to seeing what you will be bringing!!

  4. I was in the same boat, my blog started out to help promote my etsy shop. I still have my shop but if I had to choose between the two, my heart would go to my blog and the wonderful bloggers that I've met there.

    Life indeed is an adventure and we never know what tomorrow will bring or what awaits just around the bend. Sometimes the surprise is enlightening, at others, heartbreaking. But each step in our journey makes us who we are and what we are.

    I look forward to your many future blog posts (just as I have in the past). :)

  5. Well, if you are going to get all doom and gloom I am not going to follow you anymore (jk, that is my warped Brit. humour coming out)

    I am so glad that you feel the same way I do, I try really hard to keep my blog on a positive note but like my last post, sometimes life really pulls you down and for me it is all about sharing how we deal with it that might help someone else who is struggling too!

    So I say, "Good for you" and I will be here with you :)

    Have a lovely Monday, cheers, T. :)

  6. I've always enjoyed your blogging. Blogs like you have described are my favorites. I will continue to stop by and read your great posts!

  7. Blogging is a great way to connect with like minded people all around the world. Just remember that it is your space and never apologise for the things you wish to fill this place with. All the best with your journey and where lif is leading you. It has been nice to find you throughout Blogtoberfest. x

  8. I have always enjoyed your blog, and I look forward to all your future posts. Blogging can be addictive, and I think that once you find the topics that you are passionate about, it will come through in your blog. I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog!
    Everyday Inspired


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