Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogtoberfest ~ Day 15 ~ Scrabble Addiction

I admit it...I'm addicted to Scrabble.  The only way I can even play it these days is on Facebook with my blog land buddy, Patty, from My Life Under the Bus.  No one else will play with me.  They say it's because I win all the time.  That's not true!  I let them win occasionally!  Here are some fun Scrabble items I found on Etsy.

Do you Scrabble?


  1. You'd think being an aspiring writer, blogger and person who holds an English degree that I'd love it too. I probably would if I didn't royally suck at it!

    Say, I didn't know you were on Facebook. I need to find you :)

  2. Ohh, I haven't played Scrabble for a long time...I don't know anyone who likes to play!
    Thanks for the photos of the various crafts using Scrabble boards and tiles.

  3. I love playing Scrabble... one day I WILL beat my husband, lol :)

  4. Oh NICE laying out our little dirty gaming secret for all of Blogdom to see. LOL !!! I CAN STOP ANY TIME.....I"M NOT ADDICTED!!!!!!....are we 50/50 ??? We run too close most games so I'm not sure who wins more. XOXOXO, Patty

  5. ....I think I need those coasters.......

  6. You guys crack me up. You gaming chicks you :)

    I love scrabble too but I am incredibly competitive and only my son will play against me as long as we go thru which rules we are going to play by, before hand :)

    Have a lovely weekend, T.:)

  7. I love scrabble but rarely have the opportunity to play - except for Thanksgiving. We have a little family tradition of playing scrabble after dinner on Thanksgiving. Yessiree, exciting people we are over here indeed!

  8. I don't care for scrabble. It's not that I can't spell - I just never get letters that actually make words.
    Love the fact that you sometime "let" others win :)
    Have you seen these scrabble tile ornaments? They are really cute:

  9. I love scrabble and all these awesome items!!! Thanks for including my coasters!


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