Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogtoberfest ~ Day Eleven ~ Pink Hope, A New Sachet

I think everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Chances are you know someone who has been affected by breast cancer one way or another.  I have relatives, know freinds and friends of friends who have battled this terrible disease.  Some are survivors and some are not. 

It is estimated that 2.5 million survivors live in the U.S.  That number should be higher and I believe that someday it will be.  It is up to each and every one of us as women to know the facts about this disease and to have regular mammograms and do regular self exams.  The sooner a lump is detected the better.  Here are three sites for the latest information:

I have created a lavender sachet to honor those who are fighting this battle.  It is my sincere wish to offer hope to someone who needs it.

Have a wonderful Monday!!!


  1. Oh Annette, I love this and this is so personal to me. Thank you so much for supporting breast cancer awareness. The satchet is beautiful.

    Thank you, too, for stopping by my blog today and letting me know that cutting fabric still scares you. If you're this talented, then I know I'm ok to be scared, too.


  2. Annette, this is wonderful! It has that same edgy vibe as the red and black. I really love this new work you are doing. And thank you for supporting breast cancer awareness. I was diagnosed in 2007 and was so grateful through the whole process that there are so many treatment options today. Even 10 or 20 years ago I might have died but thanks to all the awareness and research it was just a big speed-bump in my life. I thanked my lucky stars every day and reminded myself these were things they were doing FOR me and not things they were doing TO me and I never doubted for a minute that I would get over that bump. My hope is that by the time my granddaughter is grown this beast will be tamed!

  3. I am loving your new stitching.This is awesome!!!

  4. That is really beautiful! Wow!

  5. what a beautiful sachet and for a great cause - it is just beautiful!

  6. I keep thinking this would be a fabulous apron !


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