Thursday, October 28, 2010


I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago when we were on our way home from a day trip.  All of the pictures were taken from the car so there are some poles and wires but you can still see the beauty!  The ones of the water were still taken from the car.  We were on the TJ bridge crossing the Patuxent River from Calvert county to St Marys County.  There's something magical about seeing the sun's rays!

I hope you have a beautiful Thursday!!!


  1. Ok know I loved every one of those photos. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Such beauty all around us, if only we would take the time to look.
    Thanks for taking the time ;-)

    Janet xox

  2. Love the photos Annette. Feel like I was in the car seeing them. There is something about a sunset that just makes me smile.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Those are beautiful!! Don't you love sunsets :)

  4. Glorious photos! I love them all, but the ones of the sunset over the river are truly magical. Great shots!

  5. Wow, great photos! Looks like a beautiful road trip. :)

  6. Annette, these are gorgeous shots. I love taking photos from the car, there is something very ethereal about it!

    Have a lovely weekend T.:)


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