Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogtoberfest ~ Day Fourteen ~ Did I Really Sign Up For This?

Did I really sign up to blog everyday?  Yes.  Yes, I did.  Well, I missed yesterday because I was just so busy the night before I forgot.   Every time I sat down at the computer yesterday,  my mind couldn't focus on much of anything.  In fact, I've been staring at the keyboard for the last two hours and my mind is a blank.

I have an index card I keep next to the computer so I can jot down ideas for blog posts as I have them.  The reason for doing this was so I would have something to write about on days like today.  There are 23 ideas on that list and I still can't think of anything to write about! 

Sometimes, we just have to give ourselves permission to take the pressure off and relax. 

I hope you have a relaxed Thursday!!!


  1. I totally understand! Those days can be so frustrating. Unfortunately I don't have a list of what to blog about - might have to make one.
    Have a wonderful day and Happy Blogging!!

  2. exactly why I don't do can suck you dry ;-(
    We will understand if you skip some days or maybe just post a meaningful photo each day...that would be easier.

    Janet xox

  3. Annette - don't put such pressure on yourself. Your friends will still be here for you and it won't make a difference with us.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. Buwahahaha !!! You took me down with you ! I can't think a a blessed thing to talk about either!!! LOL !!! Oh well we'll be fine - some days I think I'm just talking to myself anyway! XOXOXOXO " Luck " Patty

  5. I for one think the photo of the keyboard is inspired. Good save! 8+)

  6. Blogging should be fun, not a chore. You did turn your lemon into lemonade, though, as this is a darn good post for someone who had nothing to say! :o)

  7. Happy Blogtoberfest! I am on a mission to comment and follow all the blogs in Blogtoberfest! Maybe you could comment and follow me as well! Cheers!

  8. MOre power to you Girl friend :) T.

    (I'm impressed, so far :)

  9. Thanks for the encouragement everybody!!!! I have the best friends in blogland!!

  10. That's an ambitious goal to blog each day! Taking a break one day when you feel overwhelmed is good to do. You'll come back refreshed and inspired the next day.

    I signed up for doing an Art Every Day Month challenge in November. It will be interesting to see how I feel mid-month....and then at the end of the month.


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