Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Friendship In A Box

As I was passing by the front door a few days ago, a package on the porch caught my eye.  I was wondering what Michael ordered as I picked up the box.  I was so surprised to see that it wasn't for Michael but for me and it was from my dear blog friend, Kathy from Klueless.  For a minute, I thought I ordered something from her shop, Strange Notions, and forgot.  But I don't forget when I order something, so I knew this was a surprise from her.  A surprise that would be blog worthy I was sure!  So I got my camera ready and opened the box.  Oh my gosh,   there were eight little pastel colored packages in the box with a sweet handmade card.  It looked like Easter but felt like Christmas!

The first package was eight vintage doilies.  Six of them were matching and even opened up like pockets.  I immediately thought what great pockets they would make on aprons!  The other two were smaller and crocheted.  They are so delicate and lacy!  I love the little flowers on one of them.

The next six packages were the most beautiful and incredible vintage laces.  They were different sizes and colors and each one made me gasp as I opened it.  

By this time I was on the verge of tears.  I just couldn't believe the kindness and generosity of Kathy.  When I opened the last package, that was it.  It brought me to tears and I truly was touched and moved by such an amazing gift.  You see, I had seen this on her blog and as I told her in my comment for that post, it melted my heart.  And here it was in front of me, melting my heart!

Isn't it just precious?  Kathy made this for me!  I love how worn the little shoe is.  I wonder how many siblings it was passed down to.  How many steps did that little shoe take?  I'm just in awe of this wonderful gift.  

I am so blessed to have found such wonderfully kind and talented women through blogging.  Women, who even though we have never met in person and are scattered all over the world, make me feel as though we have been friends forever.  Please visit Kathy's blog, Klueless.  She has a most wonderful sense of humor and writes about her junkin' finds and what she does with them!  While you're there, check out the Stamptington publications she has been featured in!  And then Check out her Etsy shop, Strange Notions, where you will find vintage linens and textiles, sewing notions, ephemera and paper goods, altered altoid tins and so much more.  Thank you again Kathy for your incredible kindness!

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends!!!


  1. Wow, what a lovely gesture from a friend!

  2. Blog buddies are the best, aren't they??

    So jealous over your lovely vintage go create something beautiful!

    janet xox

  3. What a nice gesture on her part, nothing like the unexpected thoughts and gifts from a good friend. Love the little bootie....

  4. How sweet of her! Friends are wonderful, even if you don't see them in person! I'm off to check out her blog now!
    And ♥♥♥ the little baby shoe!

  5. Annette, this is such a sweet post. Thank YOU! I knew you would have a great idea for those little doilies with the pocket in them. Apron pockets never even occured to me but I think you are right and they would be perfect for that! Who knows, maybe that is what they were intended for. I love those vintage finds that give you a glimpse into another crafty life! Thank you so much for your kind words and the shout-out!

  6. What a sweet gesture! Those laces are beautiful.

  7. Random acts of kindness from loving friends are the best. OOOHHH that lace and those doilies...sooooooo pretty!

  8. How sweet!! The little baby shoe is just too adorable for words...a treasured gift for sure. Hope you're having a fabulous week! :O)

  9. It's those little packages that we receive without a reason or even a hint that it is own its way that are extra special. They are the ones that are sent with love, just because. What a great friend you have in Kathy. :)

    I'm sure you'll create some truly spectacular items with these very special notions.

  10. what a lovely surprise! it sounds like you have some amazing blog friends :)


  11. An amazing bit of kindness! I'll be sure to do the same to someone today!

  12. Such a wonderful gift, more so because it was unexpected. I would have been in tears too.

  13. Such a wonderful surprise...and what a friend!

    xoxo mama wolf


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