Monday, April 18, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday ~ Color Me Pink

Pink is my favorite color.  It is a happy, girly,  flirty, fun and romantic color.  
These are some of my favorite pink items I found on Etsy.

Update:  The shop this egg was in is no longer on Etsy, although it was last night when I wrote this post.  I apologize for including something that is not available!

What is tickling your fancy today?

I'm joining Yes Teacher! for Tickle Me Tuesday


  1. The egg really looks great! I rarely like pink but when it is combined with ivory and pastel green I find it beautiful!

  2. Pink is a great color! I love those earrings :)

  3. It is all so beautiful. Love how the pink looks. My peonies are getting ready to bloom soon. They came from my great grandmothers passed down to my grandmother, mother and then me and my sisters has cuttings of them that grow. I hope to pass some to one of my grandchildren someday too.

  4. So pretty! Love those peonies.

  5. i love it all!
    especially the earrings

  6. I heart that beadspread! Very odd that the shop with the egg would vanish overnight. It is beautiful and would be fun to read the listing and find out if it said what it was made from. I'm curious if it was stuffed or around a plastic egg or what.

  7. That pink peony is breath-taking!

  8. Hi Annette, PINK is my fav. colour too!

    Thank you so much for including my "Lovely Pink Peony" I call it my tribute to Georgia O'keeffe who has to be my fav. painter of all times. :)

    I love your all your selections. The Easter egg is adorable :)

    Have a lovely Evening, T. :)


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