Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday ~ Chicken Soup and the Man Who Made It

I have been under the weather lately, and well, you know how it is.  You just don't feel like doing anything.  At all.  For yourself or anyone else.  So I was very grateful when Michael decided to make chicken noodle soup.  Sorry I don't have a picture of the soup itself, but I wasn't thinking clearly at the time!  

He even made homemade chicken stock.  Yes, I know, he's so good to me.  I just use store bought stock when I make it. But Michael went all out and made the best ever chicken noodle soup.  EVER!!! 
In case you're wondering what cookbook the recipe is from, you can find it here.

A man who can cook is definitely something to be thankful for!

What are you thankful for today???


  1. Morning Annette,
    This Thursday I am grateful for the good memories I have of my sister Mary Sue and I, during her last few weeks back in 2008. Her Birthday is April 12th and we threw her a huge birthday party (her last). Everyone came and got to spent time with her and she loved it.

    Good Memories

    Janet xox

  2. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful!

  3. Awwww It Chicken Soup for Annettes Soul! What a sweetie....I would be greatful if the sun would come out today - just a peek! : ) XO Feel better my friend!

  4. Is there any other soup better than chicken soup made for you?

    I am thankful for the new friends I found through my blog (including you)!

  5. I hope that loving chicken soup cures what ails you and you feel better soon! I am thankful for Skype, which lets me keep in touch with my daughter and grandbaby!

  6. Oh what a man!!!!!! Chicken noodle soup from scratch WOW! I hope it helped you feel better, it sure sucks being sick (can you tell I am feeling sorry for myself :(

    Feel better soon my friend, thinking of you :)

    What am I thankful for, I guess today I am going to have to go with Antibiotics :)

    Have a lovely Thursday, cheers, T. :)

  7. You're right! A man who can cook- and does so for you- is something to be thankful for.

    I'm thankful for the lovely sunshine and the feel of spring in the air and the birds chirping their little hearts out!
    I love spring!

  8. There's nothing like homemade food when you don't feel well. Hope you feel much better soon!

  9. Sad to hear you've felt under the weather, Certainly hope you're feeling much better by now. I'm sure the homemade chicken soup had to have seems to be some type of miracle cure for whatever ails us.

    I do love Alton Brown, he's my favorite Food Channel chef.

  10. Haven't had the chance to check up on my blogging friends for a while, hope you feel better!! I'm thankful for a man that can cook too, I tell him he should get a cart and sell his soups! He always makes me feel better, and I'm thankful for my seventh grandchild today he is 12 days old!!


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