Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday ~ Time With My Sister

I'm thankful for the time I got to spend with my sister this week.  I usually get to see her every couple of years, but thanks to her job, this past weekend makes the third time in six months!  We always have a good time together and we laugh...a LOT!!  She came by train on a cold, drizzly, gray morning.  And, well, you know me, I had to take pictures!

What are you thankful for today?

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!


  1. Sister time is the best!

    janet xox

  2. Have a great time. Coincidentally, I am thankful that my brother is in town this weekend too!

  3. That is very sweet. I love spending time with my sister as well, but take it for granted sometimes because we live so close. Today for me is like any other day, but I am thankful for the simple things like having a home to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat. Everyday we can find something to be thankful about!

  4. My sister is my best friend!
    I'm looking forward to taking the train to Chicago to see her at the end of the month!

    Love your idea of "Thankful Thursdays!"


  5. I have no sister but I am thankful for living in this time when I have been able to connect with many wonderful blog-land "sisters" who share a sisterhood of common interests. Hmm. I might have just said I was blessed to have internet - LOL!
    Annette, enjoy your visit with your sister - hope you get to have some fun!

  6. Lucky you! It's great to have more visits with family than usual. Enjoy her to the fullest ;) My sister comes this weekend... She's bestfriend material.


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