Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Shylee

Shylee is three years old today.  Her birthday party was last weekend and her daddy even got to come home for the celebration!  It was a little windy and on the chilly side, but this little girl didn't notice.  Put her on a playground and she's happy for hours.  Especially if there's cupcakes, a pinata and presents!

Happy Birthday Shylee!!!


  1. Beautiful baby girl - happy birthday little Shylee!!!

  2. What a gorgeous little girl...Happy Birthday Shylee!!

    Janet xox

  3. That picture of her kissing her daddy is too sweet!

  4. Those pictures are priceless! I miss when my little girl was that little!

  5. Happy Birthday to your precious gal! I love the photo of her licking the frosting ... and the one of a sweet smooch to Daddy! Looks like a great day, despite the chill.

  6. Happy Belated B.Day to your cutie :)

    What a wonderful gift, her Daddy being there.

    I am lovely your photos :)

    What a Happy Family :)

    Have a lovely Thursday, T. :)

  7. seriously, I should not leave comments at 1am.

    meant to LOVING your photos.... :) T.

  8. Glad she had a happy birthday! What a cutie. ^.^


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