Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday ~ Pride and Prejudice

My daughter, Erin , and I watched Pride and Prejudice recently, and I can't stop thinking about it!  I mean, honestly, Mr. Darcy just makes me swoon!  The book and the movie are both at the top of my favorites list.  Here are some fun finds I found on Etsy that are tickling my fancy this week.

I'm joining Yes Teacher for Tickle Me Tuesday

What's tickling your fancy this week?.  


  1. I hope it was the Colin Firth Jennifer Ehle BBC version...that one is the best!!!!!

    I adore and cannot get enough of that movie. I have it on audio and always listen to it on my drives to NY (7 hrs each way).

    Janet xox

  2. I love that movie and the book. Mr. Darcy is amazing both in book and the movies. ( I like the original BBC version as well as the Kiera Knightly version). I just love that book. It's certainly the best out of all her books.

  3. You're talking about the Colin Firth version, right? Because he's very swoon-worthy.

    Have you read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Not as good as the original (obviously) but still hilarious.

  4. Pride and Prejudice is a classic and the P&P finds on etsy proves just how much of a classic it is.
    I love the little P&P in a jar, they are cute and so clever.

  5. I also love the book and the movie. :)

  6. LOVE Pride & Prejudice!!! Those butterflies are really pretty.

  7. Such a wonderful round up of Etsy goodness :)

    Love P&P ... swoon worthy for sure :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  8. I agree with those who have seen the BBC version. It's the best! Love these finds!


  9. I would never have thought to search on P&P on Etsy. Great reminder to think outside the box to seek out the truely unique!

  10. Oooh, I LOVE book-themed favorites lists. This is great!

    (I'm visiting from Yes, Teacher! Howdy!)

  11. I love that movie! And those finds are awesome! :)

  12. I'm a big fan of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice and the movie version. These are the only movies I never tire of watching.
    I'm so taken by the Darcy family, I've even started reading the sequels.

  13. Your blog is gorgeous! I have to say it makes my eyes very happy :) I found you on the Etsy Blog Team and I <3 Mr. Darcy and those earrings! So cute.

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance!


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